The Immersion Model

The IU Indianapolis SPAN Division is one of the oldest, most successful early college entrance programs in the nation. SPAN is a national leader in the immersion model. The immersion model is nationally regarded as the highest academic level and is the most effective and successful method of providing a genuine college course enrollment experience to pre-college aged students for three key reasons:

  • Courses are taught by university faculty, so students have access to and interact with professors and researchers.
  • Courses are taught on the university campus, allowing students opportunities to be engaged in the full campus cultural experience.
  • Courses are populated with degree-seeking university students. Students are able to connect with and learn from college students who have successfully transitioned to higher education.

SPAN participation provides high school students access to:

  • IU Indianapolis world-renowned faculty.
  • IU Indianapolis world-class facilities.
  • IU Indianapolis award-winning academic support, career services, and other campus resources.


The IU Indianapolis SPAN Division early college opportunity helps families who are homeschooling their children. We understand that there are many reasons for deciding to homeschool and that each student’s situation is different. Find out how SPAN can serve your homeschooled student.